Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny Comment From M1

M1 had a funny comment on the way home, while looking at my face in the rearview mirror. M1: "Daddy, your face looks like the Grinch." I laughed & said, "That's just my resting position when I'm not smiling. Your comment is awfully accurate, though."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

BREWERS 2009!!!

We were able to take in another Brewers weekend in July against the Dodgers (boo!). It was a great weekend with R's family. Here are pics from the weekend...

Here's M123 ready to roll to Milwaukee (word).

As in the past, we tailgated with the rest of R's family before the game. Here's the whole gang after the meal.

Here's Papa & Nana with the 2009 edition of grandchildren (we're expanding in 2010!).

The benefit to doing this every year is that you learn what you want to do to improve your experience, such as take the escalators (especially with all of the short legs). Here's M3 w/R (& Aunt C2 close behind) riding on the escalator. M3 loved the escalator (like his dad)!

Here's the 9.1 Clan before the game.

Here's the 9.2 Clan before the game.

M3 w/R, making friends with the Bachelorette Party group behind us (better than the Bachelor Party group in front and to the left of us). A definite change with the "atmosphere" of the Saturday night game.

Papa sported the Rally Cap early on.

Soon after, M1 followed Papa's lead.

M4 with Nana.

M4 playing "Got Your Nose" with M2.

M2: "My binoculars aren't working." (That's because they're backwards silly!)

Three generations: Nana, R, M1234.

Here's a pic of M1&2 sleeping after the game (in the hotel). Too cute/funny not to photograph!

All of that beauty sleep must have paid off because here's M2 the morning after (using one of the bed's dressings as a shawl). (Seriously, why do we get these kids toys!? They make anything into a toy!)


The HnR clan took in a second game on Sunday (the Brewers lost).

M1, lookin' pretty tuckered out, but still raising a glass to the Brewers! (And yes, she was juiced!)

M3 was hungry for one thing only: FRUIT!
M3: "Don't bother Mom, I'll just use the serving spoon!"

Here we are just after tailgating before the game. As you can see on the kids' faces, they were overwhelmed with joy and energy (he said sarcastically)! The sun in the eyes didn't help either.

Someone was kind enough to take our picture while we walked to the stadium. Moments after this pic was taken one of the courtesy golf carts stopped and asked if we wanted a ride to the stadium (sh-yeah!!!). This was such a huge blessing! He drove us all the way around the stadium to the gate that was closest to our seats (somehow lessening our steps even more). The best part was that it got the kids jazzed. R sat in the front row with M3 on his lap. M3 LOVED this ride so much...almost too much (as you will see/read later in this post).

H with M4 before the game (cuddling with's a win-win situation!).

H packed a separate, small backpack that each kid wore into the stadium (something we thought of last year) filled with snacks that they could eat during the game. Once their backpack was empty, they were done having treats/snacks. One treat that M2 liked was something that made her tongue blue. She was more than willing to share her new shade of tongue with the camera.

R & M1 sportin' the rally caps (to no avail).

The main reason why we take in a second game (a Sunday game) is because kids 18 and under are allowed to run the bases after the game FOR FREE! This is a great chance to spend more time in the stadium AND to get to view Miller Park from the field. Our seats look much worse from the bases than they actually are. We highly recommend taking in a Sunday Brewers game with kids because of this bonus feature alone!

Here we are working our way through the line. It's one of the longest lines in the world, but it is also one of the quickest (it helps that everyone is running at the end of the line!).

R went along with M3 (it was his first time running the bases at MP). It proved to be a good thing. Remember that golf cart ride before the game? Well, as we were starting to run the bases, the grounds crew started working on the field. Certain pieces of equipment look similar to a golf cart, so soon after touching 1st base M3 started to run towards the "car", thinking that he was going to take in another ride. R had to hold M3's hand the rest of the way around the bases so that he didn't take off again towards the groundskeeper's equipment.

Here's R holding M3's hand soon after his failed attempt to escape the base line.

...rounding 3rd...

Should we slide???

Here we are after running the bases ("DON'T STEP ON THE GRASS!"). M3 was pretty bummed that he was not allowed to ride in a "car" again.

M1&2 goofing around after the game while R changes some diapers before hitting the road.

You can't leave MP without having your pic taken with Bernie! (One of M2's favorite traditions I believe.)

Here's R with the "too tired and whiny to walk back to the van" clan. It's all good...sweaty, but good.

Here's our crew upon returning to the van after 2 Brewers' games in about 24 hours. Very tiring, but ultimately very fun (& the kids talk about it forever afterwards). This is our family timeshare/campsite.

M3: "Look how naughty I can be!"

R w/M4.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Catch-up

The fall of 2009 has been a typical fall (crazy busy). So in order to catch our blog up here are random shots from June 2009 through the start of the school year.

M4 has been growing quickly. Here he is loving quality time in the Bumbo chair. The attachable table makes for a great work-space. M4 really does well with having his picture taken. It is so funny how young kids catch on to the process of picture taking. Our camera has an orange warning light that lights up before the actual picture is taken. M4 quickly caught on to this and almost always puts a great smile on once he sees the orange light.

Now that we have a dining room we also have the piano in a spot where it can be accessed by the kids. Initially this was a great source of entertainment for the house. Here M3 is tickling the ivories and working the crowd. Pretty good posture!

The piano has a demo button that plays many songs that showcase all that it can do. The songs are always in the same order and the kids learned the various styles quickly. The first song is upbeat so they always start dancing as soon as it begins. The next song is a slow, ballad. M3 loves to sing like a little crooner (hence the expression on his face). It's really very funny to hear/watch in person.

M3: "No wait, I like that song."

More emotional crooning from our little lounge singer.

"Oh yeah...I'm cute!"

M3 was playing with one of the chairs in the living room. Somehow he became stuck in the space between the arm of the chair and the seat. Being the caring parent that I am I quickly got up & the camera. He wiggled his way out and learned through doing not to do it again.

M1 started taking piano lessons this summer from H. The home improvements tended to put practicing and teaching on hold until later.


M1 still had time to make a silly face for you.

We had a day in July where we played with the small pool outside and ended the afternoon/evening with a campfire dinner.

M2 LOVES cherries!